dragon sketch I posted a while back on my instagram->[x]

Instagram[x] deviantART[x] Quick illustration for a short story/fairytale I wrote for a class. Based off of my Avanti character

Practicing large scale portrait accuracy (Sendhil Ramamurthy) Instagram[x] deviantART[x]

Quick one, from a great movie - the martian–Instagram[x] deviantART[x]

So sorry for the lack of updates recently ahh finally getting back to posting! I’ve been working on this on and off for the past year.
deviantART[x] Society6[x] Instagram[x]
Avanti is my character who is essentially a personification of my other character’s soul. She is based off of both me and my mom. I have a whole storyline but since I am less than acceptable at writing I might just do more illustrations later :) I hope everyone is doing well! 

random sketch from a while back on instagram [x] you know, to prove I’m not dead…ugh seriously need my fix–need to get back to drawing things–need tiiiime

Anonymous asked: Please please answer your asks more often

ahhh I’m sorry guys! super super busy as of late (can’t even get art I want to get done done….ugh blame it on pursuing a neuroscience + psych double major). If you guys need something answered right away please send me an email ([email protected]) or a personal (not anonymous) note here or on deviantART :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought of doing artwork of the Greek Gods? Like your own illustrations of their appearances? I think you'd be great at it. By the way, I loved your newest artwork of Bruce Wayne, it's exactly how I imagine him. Your Harley Quinn was perfect as well.

oh my goshhhhhh that’s such a good idea! I haven’t considered it but I freaking love greek mythology!! I will keep it in mind!! <3 and thank you so so much!!

Anonymous asked: I hope you realize that I literally can not imagine Bruce any other way but the way you made him! Like if I read a fanfic or even think about my batman otp( (Bruce x Selina, sorry) all I can think about is your Bruce Wayne! You should go to DC comics and tell them this is how you need to make Bruce Wayne look. Like seriously tho hot damn. Kudos to you. You made me lose my sanity way more.

This is the best thing I’ve read in my entire life. Thank you so so so much I’m freaking thrilled you imagine him like how I draw <33 (*sigh* even if you like bruce x selina -_- haha no jk if wonder woman wasn’t a character, and the love of my life, the bat and the cat would be my fav too :D)

Anonymous asked: I'm literally crying your drawings are so so freaking amazing you're wonderful thank you for your creations ilysm

ilysm too <3 you are wonderful thank you

Desperately finished this before school for the single purpose of printing it astronomically large and hanging it up <3 Inspired by a bunch of images if you google batman flying as well as Arkham Knight with my own twist. so much love. deviantART[x] Instagram[x]

Anonymous asked: Do you sell prints? Your art is amazing :)

Thank you!!!! :) and yep! For prints of ANY of my work you c an email me at [email protected] and I can send you one—-general prices here

or you can go through society6 which has a few of my pieces [x] :)

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if it's okay to get one of your drawings tattooed on me?

holy crap of course!!! seriously omfg I would be honored! and I would love to see pics! :D WOW

Anonymous asked: Your art is so amazing like i dont even have the words to describe how beautiful it is!

Oh my god ahhh thank you so so much, I really really appreciate it!!! <33<33333

gotham’s favorite psychopaths :D
This piece is so long overdue, I’m pretty sure I planned it 3 years ago deviantART[x] Instagram[x]